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Customers are important to any business and the way you treat them can change the way your brand is perceived. Ideally, you want to operate a business that can not only attract new customers but also retain them and turn them into repeat business. Gaining new customers and retaining them may seem like very similar tasks, but the approach to both of these tasks can be very different and it’s important not to confuse them.

So in this article, we’re going to offer five excellent tips that will help you not only attract new customers but also convert them into repeat customers.

1) Offer an exceptional level of customer service

Excellent customer service is often what separates one brand from another. When a customer buys a product or orders a service, they expect it to work and be absolutely flawless but there are occasional hiccups in the system that can prevent this. As a result, the customer will turn to the business they ordered the product or service from and seek assistance.

The way you react to this can often define your business. For example, some companies will put you through to a real human representative on the other side as soon as you call them while others won’t even list a phone number and request that you send a support ticket first. At the end of the day, all the customer wants is some assistance so if you make it incredibly difficult for them, they’re not going to feel like a valued customer and will get up and leave you for a competitor.

2) Focus on the visibility of your brand

Visibility is an important consideration not just to attract new customers but also retain them.

Visibility can help attract customers because they’re more likely to see your advertisements and products, making you seem like a reputable brand that can be trusted. It’s vital that you market to a number of different platforms such as social media, online advertisements, television, radio or even make public appearances to grow your reach.

However, visibility can also help you retain customers in a similar way. If a customer purchases a product from you and is happy with it, but their friends and family members all recommend different brands and they rarely ever see you on advertisements or mentioned on social media, then it could cause them to believe that the grass is greener on the other side and thus leave your brand for a competitor that has more visibility.

3) Find your niche in the industry

Every business has a niche in their industry and this doesn’t necessarily mean a product or service that no other company offers. Instead, what it means is that every business specializes in certain aspects of customer service, marketing or even their social media presence, and this is what makes them stand out and helps a customer identify and side with that business.

For example, some businesses offer fantastic products but have terrible customer service. Other companies might be very active on social media and great at keeping their audience in the loop regarding offers and updates. Some might even specialize in making public appearances in stores to get face-to-face feedback regarding their brand, and others will focus on creating a limited supply of their products to create a feeling of exclusivity whenever you manage to get your hands on their goods.

These specializations are essential to helping you attract repeat customers because it speaks to their type of customer persona. While you can attract customers based on the industry you’re in, you can also build brand loyalty by having a brand personality that speaks to a niche group within your audience.

4) Use data to identify and capitalize on trends

There are countless analytical tools available to help to gather information about the habits that your audience has. For instance, you can use web page analytics to see how many people browse certain parts of your website, you can see how many people leave their carts with products inside but never proceed to the checkout page and you can see what websites and links your customers are coming in from. This is something exclusive to online stores but can often be used for retail stores as well.

For example, you can watch for trends on social media and make adjustments to your store in order to capitalize on the current trends that are growing. This takes a bit of practice and it’s always a risk to change something in your business to appeal to a wider audience, but it can often build you a reputation of being able to provide your audience what they want.

Another great way to identify trends is to listen to feedback given by your customers. By listening to them and following through with their reasonable requests, you’ll build customer loyalty since they’ll know that you actually listen to them and are willing to tailor your service and products to them.

5) Use email lists carefully

Another great way to attract repeat customers is to make use of email lists. People often see this as a spammy technique to get more attention but when used sparsely it can actually be an effective way to remind customers about your business and introduce them to new offers that could interest them.

You ideally want to build up an emailing list with the help of your newsletters that customers sign up for or the emails they use to sign up to your online store with. Only send emails out when there’s a good reason to, such as a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter that fills them in on your latest products and offers. Release dates for new products and services that are related to their purchase or interest history can also be good information to include, and if the customer has decided to enter their birth date into your system then you can send them offers for special occasions.

Emailing lists are powerful tools to attract repeat business and make customers feel valued, but you can easily abuse this system and cause your customers to be frustrated whenever they see you clogging up their inbox.

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