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Customer loyalty is vital if you want to grow your business

Getting new clients is definitely important, but without loyal clients who support you with purchases and endorse your business, your venture is unlikely to succeed. Customer loyalty is basically built via effective and kind follow ups that create meaningful and sincere links with your clients. But why are loyal customers so important? Why do you need them? As a business owner chances are that you invested quite a significant amount into your marketing campaigns to acquire those important first clients, but repeat clients do not have this expense. You have already converted them and all you have to do is to keep them excited about your services or products and interested in your business and your venture will thrive beyond your biggest dreams! This is why it is so important for you to explore ways that promote client or customer loyalty. Here are 8 ways to encourage customer loyalty:

1. Answer the phone in a professional manner every single time

Not all words mean the same and not all words are equal. Some words will encourage clients to do more business with you than others. And talking on the phone is very different from talking to people in person or online. On the phone is all about how speak and your voice. Whether you work in a restaurant or a store, answering the phone professionally plays a very huge role in how your customers perceive you. How you talk will shape their perception of your business. For instance when answering the phone use proper language and say your full name. Just saying your last name alone might sound too abrupt while using your first name alone may sound too casual.

2. Always answer the phone within 6 rings and never let the call go through to an automated service

In an environment filled with status updates and tweets, many consumers yearn for human interaction in their shopping experience even though they don’t know it. And although automated services will save you money, answering the phone personally will earn you loyalty. In addition try to answer calls within the first 6 rings. Most people usually hang up if the phone is not answered after about 6 to 7 rings and you can be sure the mood on the other side of the telephone won’t be a good one. Their first impression will likely be that you have no manners, you simply don’t care or you are just lazy which is not good for business. So answer the phone within the first 2 or 3 rings if possible, it is a fast moving globe and most people today do not want to wait for anything.

3 Always reply to emails within 24 hours

Even the greatest service or product in the globe is meaningless if clients cannot get timely support. Provide your clients with a good quality and timely customer service and they will reward your business with unwavering loyalty.

4. Delight the Client on Special Events

Various studies show that customers who receive birthday messages from a business they interacted with before regard the business highly and feel indebted to it .This in turn increases brand loyalty.

5. Engage With Customers via Social Channels

Social media platforms like twitter and Facebook provide a very big opportunity for businesses to interact with their customers. Social media helps consumers stay engaged with brands hence using the platforms to respond to client queries promptly ensures customer brand loyalty as well as satisfaction.

6. Reward them with free upgrades

If any loyal client orders an item, upgrade it to the next version or model for free or ship it with its accessories for free. The cost that you will incur is just a small fraction of what you will get back in terms if increased sales, positive world of mouth and increased loyalty.

7. Provide better value than the competition

In any crowded market, what makes your product different from what other businesses’ products is the key to success. Give your clients something that the competition is unwilling or unable to give to them. It can be free shipping, better warranties or 24-hour support. This will help you gain some ground over them and keep in mind that your objective is not to offer equal value, but something better than what other businesses are offering.

8. Customers enjoy businesses that appreciate them

Although spending some time with your customers might sound like a silly idea, any intelligent entrepreneur will tell you that is not the case. Behavioral psychology shows that most people perceive their experience with businesses as more interesting and positive when they do not feel ignored or rushed.


Repeat customers are one of the main characteristics of a good business. State of the art marketing will get people into giving your product a try but only quality production and service will keep them coming back for more.



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