Save money on staff costs

Reduce your staff costs and increase profits

Employment costs can be a huge component of a small businesses overall cost base. Not only do you need to pay salaries but you also have to pay superannuation, long service leave, sick leave, holiday pay, workers compensation insurance and potentially payroll tax as well.

Any reduction that you can get in your overall staff costs goes directly to your bottom line. Here are a few ideas for ways that you can work smarter and save money on your employment costs.

Focus on what are your key roles

In any business there will be some roles and tasks that are vital to the operation of the business. These are the key roles in doing what you do and without them the business might not even exist. In addition you will have non-key roles that do not necessarily have to be performed within the business.

Wherever possible outsource non-key tasks


Having an external bookkeeper makes a lot of sense as the work of a bookkeeper is quite cyclical. They will be busy for the first week of the month and the first month or so of the financial year. You don't want to be paying for an internal resource when they are sitting around looking for work.


Why not look at outsourcing some of your marketing activities to an agency. For a lot of businesses these days their marketing is done online. There are a lot of good agencies out there who will carry out your online marketing activities for a reasonable fee.


You can get freelancers to carry out a whole range of tasks these days from graphic design to complex IT development. Rather than having an internal IT or graphic design resource it may make more sense to outsource your development or graphic design to a freelancer.

Telephone Answering

If you are looking to save money on staff costs then this is a big one. When you replace your receptionist staff with a virtual answering service like VirtualOffice.Melbourne you swap a fixed cost for a variable one. We only charge you for the calls that we actually answer.

Reinvent your business

When looking to save costs it makes sense to start with a blank piece of paper and reinvent how you do business. For critical aspects of your business it makes sense to keep them internal while non critical aspects can be outsourced to other companies.

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