Trends in Online Marketing

The online world is changing at an ever increasing rate. As a small business owner you need to embrace this new online world and look at opportunities to leverage different mediums to boost your traffic and hopefully boost your income.

Here are some of our observations

They are in no particular order however they are all areas where we can see quite a bit of change taking place.

Real time analytics and use of Big Data

Back in the old days Analytics was all about historical reporting similar to the way your bookkeeper prepared your accounts. These days with the development of big data and the increased speed of computers you can get more up to the minute information and make decisions in real time.

Longer Sales Funnel

Consumers are taking longer to make sales decisions and are getting a lot more information along the way before making that purchase decision. Online marketers are also finding that they need to provide a lot more free "stuff" to convert those online purchasers.

Move to Mobile

Mobile search has now overtaken desktop search. With the increased popularity of smart phones and the increase in the size of those phones this is no wonder really. The implication for this is that businesses need to ensure that their websites are mobile friendly and that they are geared up to be able to sell via mobile.

Video Adverts

Video adverts have been growing for the last few years and with the popularity of Youtube and other free video platforms they are a great way for businesses to generate traffic to their websites.

Social Media Stores

A number of social media platforms are incorporating ecommerce stores within the platforms themselves. This is a great way for businesses to sell products to social media users without those users having to leave the website.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is really in an embryonic stage however their is a huge amount of money being spent on apps and games. This is a great opportunity for businesses to get in at the early stages and make use of the technology to market their business.

Increase in Advertising Cost

Many more businesses are becoming aware of the possibilities in relation to online advertising. Unfortunately, due to market forces this is now driving the cost up for many forms of online advertising. Businesses need to be very focused on their spend and make sure that they are getting a decent return for their money.

Move to New Forms of PPC

With the increased popularity of online advertising is coming different ways to spend your PPC budget. Whereas previously it had all been about Adwords, you now have a range of new options like Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and Linkedin to utilise for PPC.

Wearable Technology

This is another area that is only just embryonic. Within the next 12 months there will be a whole range of wearable devices for people to use. With these new devices will come a whole range of new opportunities for businesses.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been around for a few years however is continuing to grow as a way of driving traffic to your website. Google has made it quite clear in the past that they value websites that have fresh relevant content so it is likely that content marketing will continue to grow as a marketing strategy.

Digital Trends 2018

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