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There is a lot of juggling involved in starting a small business. You need to be hunting down new business, maintaining your office, looking after your staff and potentially answering the phones at the same time. It can sometimes be quite a daunting prospect to keep all of those balls in the air at the same time. One way to relieve some of this pressure is to sign up for an answering service.



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Professional Answering Services


A professional receptionist service will allow you to focus on getting in new business while we focus on answering your telephone calls. We employ live Australian receptionists who will answer your calls promptly and efficiently. They can answer all of your calls or potentially only the overflow. Some customers simply use us when their full time receptionist is away on leave.

There is a broad range of businesses that are using our answering services. Some are small internet start up companies or small consultancy firms. Others might be small to medium sized professional firms like accountants or lawyers. Whatever type of small business you have, our professional telephone answering service can help you out.

How do I get started?


You can set the whole system up in around 10 minutes. Firstly, when you sign up with us we allocate a unique telephone number to your account. If your service is in Melbourne then this would be a Melbourne number, if you are in Sydney then it would be a Sydney number etc etc.

  • You then divert your existing telephone number to the number that we have allocated. You can either divert all of your calls or simply divert after a number of rings. It is entirely up to you.
  • When a call is diverted to the allocated number then our professional receptionsts will answer the call in your business name. They will greet the customers with a pre agreed greeting.
  • Your greeting can be changed as often as you like. You may like to set a greeting that is seasonal (ie a Christmas greeting) or you may want a greeting that reinforces your branding.
  • Once our receptionists have taken the incoming call they will do one of three things. Firstly, they can forward important calls through to an agreed number, secondly they can SMS you a message or thirdly they can email you.
  • Any messages that are taken by our receptionists will be forwarded on to you in a matter of minutes. You can be acting upon the important messages within minutes of receiving them.
  • The great thing is that you can prioritise the important messages and de prioritise the not so important messages. This will end up being a much better use of your valuable time.

Using professional answering services like the one offered by VirtualOffices.Melbourne makes really good business sense. It lets you focus your time on business strategy while we focus our time on getting control of your incoming telephone calls. It really works well for small businesses.

Do I need to sign up Online?


If you are uncomfortable signing up online then you can call one of our helpful sales assistants on 1300 794 910 and they will handle it all over the phone.


Where are the receptionists based?

Our receptionists are all based in Australia. Our system has been designed such that they can work remotely from home. Our receptionists are mature, experienced receptionists.


How much will it cost?

Costs will vary depending upon how much you use our service. If you are a light user then you may spend $40 - $50 per month. If you are a medium sized business then it could be around $100 per month.


Are you Australian owned?

We are an Australian owned business and our systems have been built with Australian businesses in mind. Our systems are extremely powerful yet intuitive to use.


You can get on with building your business while we take charge of answering your calls in a responsive and professional manner.

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