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Small businesses can be extremely rewarding both financially and emotionally however they can also be extremely taxing in terms of the amount of work that they require. As a small business owner you can have to fulfil many different occupations from accountant to sales assistant.

All the while you are trying to manage all of those different jobs for your Melbourne business you are also having to fend off all of those incoming calls. You could potentially let some of them go through to your answering service however you don't know which are the important ones and which are simply telemarketers.

Get a Melbourne answering service

Rather than ignore all of those incoming calls and potentially lose business, with a phone answering service from VirtualOffice.Melbourne you can have all or some of those incoming calls answered by a live professional receptionist. You can then focus on some of the more strategic jobs that you need to get done to really get your business moving.

Get Your Calls Answered Quickly and Efficiently

Virtual Answering Service

Our phone answering service is really flexible. We can answer all of your calls or we can answer just your overflow calls. Some of our customers just use us when their permanent receptionist is off on leave. There must be lot's of opportunities within your business where we could be helping you to build your business.

Custom Written Technology

We have been working within the telephone field for more than a decade and consequently have a really good understand of what our customers want. Our software has been custom written by local Australian developers to suit the needs of Australian businesses. Despite being extremely powerful our software is really intuitive to use.

Local Receptionists

We believe that there is a big difference between a local Australian receptionist and a receptionist that is based in an offshore call centre. Our receptionists are mature professional workers who have a good understanding of local business issues and Australian locations. Your customers will think that they are actually part of your local team

Really Simple Set-up

Once you sign up for our 7 day free trial there are just a few more items of information that you need to provide us with. Firstly, you will need to tell us how your want your callers greeted when they call. This greeting can be personalised to suit your specific business and can be changed at any time that you like. Next you need to let us know how you want us to deliver your messages to you. This could be either by email or SMS. The majority of our customers opt for email. After that you are ready to go. The whole process really takes only a matter of minutes.

Genuinely Affordable Prices

We understand that no two businesses will be the same and consequently have a variety of packages to choose from. For a small one man band you might opt for the $20 retainer with no included calls while if you are a larger firm with multiple staff you may opt for a larger package with a reasonable number of calls included. We find that our average small business customer pays around $50-$60 per month for phone answering.

Additional Services

We don't just answer phone calls. We can also help you with a virtual address, a 1300 telephone number, a virtual assistant and more. If you would like to find out more about any of our business services please feel free to give one of our friendly sales assistants a call on 1300 794 910 and they will be happy to help you out.

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