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Answering Service

A survey that was carried out by a large telecoms company in the UK found that more than 70% of people will refuse to leave a message when presented with an automated telephone answering service. The disturbing part of all this is that rather than leave that message the callers are more likely to simply call the next person on the list. In addition to missing out on a potential customer you have also fed a customer direct to one of your competitors.

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to take that call. You may be on another call to a customer, performing some vital work task, driving or simply having lunch. It is a shame that by not being available you potentially miss out on a new client.

With a virtual receptionist from Virtual Office Melbourne it doesn’t have to be that way. Professional answering services can take all of your calls, overflow calls or simply answer calls when you are unavailable. We will answer your calls with a greeting that you have agreed to and we will either email you or SMS with a message regarding the call, or we can transfer the call to a telephone number that you have nominated. It is all pretty amazing and it works like clockwork.

If you need further information on what is involved in terms of taking on answering services you can check out our infographic.

Our Receptionist Team

The fact that you are outsourcing your telephone answering to a call centre doesn’t mean that it has to be sent off shore. Our team of fully trained receptionists are all mature local Australians with a good understanding of Australian locations and Australian issues. They are so good at what they do that you will find that a lot of your customers will actually think that they are sitting in your offices in Melbourne.

We are confident that our team of professional Australian receptionists will add value to your business. Simply by taking away the call answering from you, your in-house receptionist and your team should free up a significant amount of time that can be applied to more strategic revenue generating tasks.

We currently have over 3500 happy customers using our call answering service. We are so confident that you will love our answering that we are willing to offer you a 7 day free trial to allow you to test drive the service and see just how impressive our reception team are. We can help with the answering.

Our technology team are constantly improving and adding new functionality to our call answering systems. This gives our receptionists better tools to work with to represent your business.

Setting Up Your Virtual Reception Service

When you decide to try out our no obligation answering Seven Day FREE Trial, you will be allocated a local Melbourne telephone number and will be given access to our powerful custom written telephone answering service.Through this system you will be able to tell us which calls you want answered, what you would like us to say to your callers and what you would like us to do when we take the calls. Your options here are that we can either transfer the calls through to a telephone number of your choice, we can email you or we can SMS you with details of the message.

Once your 7 day answering services trial is over you will have the opportunity to move to a paid subscription. When you move to paid you will keep the local telephone number that was allocated to you during the trial process and keep the same level of access to our systems. These virtual numbers are key to how our call centre provides our service.

At Virtual Office Melbourne we don't believe in long term contracts. Our 3,500+ virtual receptionist customers stay with us because we deliver a first class level of service that they rely upon for their business. We also don't charge you any security deposits, set up fees or cancellation fees if you decide to leave plus we give you the flexibility to scale up or scale back your package at any time. We really do think that the Virtual Office Melbourne receptionist service is the perfect call centre business partner for your company.

How We Deal With Your Calls

Our mature professional reception staff will be available 24/7 to take your incoming calls. We endeavour to answer all calls within 6 rings and manage to answer 93% of calls within 10 seconds. Because we have a large team of Australia based receptionists we are able to cope easily with your busy periods like when you are running advertising campaigns or having your annual sale and expect your call volume to skyrocket. Our answering team is professional yet friendly and helpful. We will treat all of your calls with the respect that they deserve.

Once we have answered your incoming call you can choose one of these options for how you want it handled

How Much Does An Answering Service Cost

It very much depends on how big your business is and how much you want to use our services. If you want a full time replacement for your current receptionist then it will cost significantly more than if you just need us to take the occasional call. We have some really cost effective packages that provide you with a receptionist when you need one for a cost effective rate per call. If you are a very small business then you can just pay a small monthly retainer plus a call cost per call that you receive.

What Type Of Business Uses Answering Services?

An answering service can be used by any business that uses a receptionist. Many of our clients are small to medium sized professional businesses like lawyers, accountants, IT professionals and digital consultants. Many of these customers work in a virtual environment and work from wherever suits them. These customers don't have the facilities for a regular receptionist and don't want to be bogged down answering every incoming call. We also have customers that are larger businesses or are divisions of larger businesses. If your business has the need of a receptionist then you should consider a virtual receptionist.

Where Is Your Call Centre Located?

Our call centre is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We have a range of staff who work both full time and part time to provide our customers with an exceptional level of service.

Can I Have A Bespoke Receptionist Service?

Many of our customers have a bespoke service that is structured to suit their requirements. The service may include the use of virtual assistant's, an IVR service or specific forms that are developed for your business. If you would like to discuss bespoke possibilities then please call our friendly sales staff.

What Do You Mean By Virtual?

When we use the term virtual we simply mean that the services are delivered via the internet. The receptionists are located in our offices however they provide a virtual service to your business by making use of the internet.

Direct Call Transfer to Your Phone

When setting up our system if you choose "available for call transfer," we will answer the call and then use your "Find Me" numbers (home office, office extension, mobile, hotel room etc) to track you down and transfer the call to you. You can update your "Find Me" numbers online at any time. We can also set you up with a Melbourne 1300 number.

Message Delivery

If you would like us to take all of your calls or if you are currently unavailable and have changed your status to "Do Not Disturb", then our professional receptionists will take a message from your caller. This message can then be sent to you via email or via SMS. The whole process happens in seconds and is virtually seamless. From call to message efficiently.

Transfer the Call to a Colleague

If you are unavailable for a period of time then you may want your call to be forwarded to one of your colleagues or a separate department. No problem, you can set up a directory of numbers for us to use.

Information Given to Your Caller

How many calls do you get where the caller simply wants information about your address, your fax number or your opening hours. This information and a lot more can provided to our live receptionists to answer all of these simple queries. It really makes life a lot easier when you are not spending your time answering calls that just require basic info.

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The biggest complaint we get from customers is: "I had no idea this service existed, our callers think 'our receptionist' is sitting in our office. I wish we had discovered your Virtual Receptionist service years ago".

How do answering services compare to an in-house receptionist

In the business landscape, the case for outsourcing certain functions has become increasingly prominent. One such case, intriguingly, involves whether a business should utilise an answer service or maintain an in-house receptionist for managing calls.

Virtual answering services are cheaper for your business

To begin with, let's talk numbers. A business pays a receptionist a fixed salary, irrespective of the number of calls received or handled. Furthermore, additional costs such as benefits, sick leave, vacation time, and overheads for maintaining a workspace are also associated with an in-house receptionist. An answer service, on the other hand, is essentially a variable cost, with charges typically based on the number of calls answered. The cost structure of a virtual receptionist gives a business greater control over expenses and can save your business a significant amount of money and days worth of time.

A 24 hour virtual service

A second crucial point revolves around operational hours. Most businesses operate during standard working hours, as do their receptionists. However, calls can, and often do, come in outside these hours. An answer service provides 24/7 coverage, ensuring your business never misses a call, a potential lead, or a customer query, even after hours.

A call centre has lots of receptionists

The ability to handle high call volumes is another point in favour of an answering service. A receptionist can only handle one call at a time. In contrast, an answering service is equipped to deal with multiple simultaneous calls, ensuring no customer is left waiting. For a business expecting to scale or during peak times, this phone answering capacity can be instrumental. A regular receptionist just can't keep up.

Well trained receptionists

A more nuanced advantage of an answer service comes in the form of specialised training. Receptionists, while crucial to a business, may not always have the top in-depth training in customer service and answering that an answering service provides. Trained to handle a variety of scenarios, a virtual receptionist can elevate the customer's experience when they call your business.

Get flexibility back in your business with a virtual reception

Also, let's not underestimate the flexibility an answer service provides. As your business grows, so too will the volume of incoming calls. Scaling up with an in-house receptionist involves recruitment, training, and added costs. An answer service, on the other hand, can scale up or down based on your business needs, providing a level of adaptability that's hard to match.

A receptionist service can do so much more than a receptionist

Lastly, answer services can provide additional services such as appointment scheduling, customer service, and even order processing. A receptionist tasked with these additional responsibilities, along with handling calls, might get overwhelmed, leading to a compromise in service quality. By offloading call handling to an answer service, a business can ensure answering efficiency and customer satisfaction.

From a financial and operational perspective, an answer service brings significant benefits to the table. Cost-effectiveness, round-the-clock service, scalability, and professional training make it an appealing alternative to an in-house receptionist. So, when contemplating your business strategy, it's worth considering who you want answering your calls - a receptionist, or a dedicated answer service? The answer could significantly impact your business's bottom line.

Stop being a part time CEO

stop only focussing on your business part time. Get a call answering service and get back the time that you need to focus on the important stuff.

How virtual services can benefit small businesses

In an increasingly digitised world, the value of virtual services to small businesses has become glaringly evident. Utilising virtual services can help small businesses increase their efficiency, save costs, and stay competitive in today's dynamic marketplace.

Firstly, virtual services can streamline many processes. Services like virtual accounting, virtual human resources, or virtual project management can automate repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for business owners to focus on strategic decision-making and growth initiatives.

Moreover, virtual services often come with expert support and updated knowledge of industry standards. Whether it's a virtual marketing agency keeping track of the latest trends or a virtual legal service providing updated compliance advice, small businesses can rely on these services to stay ahead of the curve.

The cost-effectiveness of virtual services can't be overstated either. Traditional services often involve overheads like office space, equipment, and employee benefits. Virtual services eliminate these costs, making them an economically wise choice.

Additionally, virtual services offer scalability that's crucial for small businesses. As a business grows, virtual services can easily scale up to meet the increased demands, making them a flexible and viable option.

The advantages of virtual services are manifold. They offer an innovative, cost-effective, and practical solution that can play a crucial role in a small business's journey towards success.

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