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Use a 1300 number to advertise so you can dissect the source of your sales growth

If you are looking for more ways to enhance the professional identity of your business then don’t underestimate the power of a 1300 number. Whether you are a business owner yourself running a booming business or part of a larger corporation, 1300 numbers provide every business with opportunities to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

What better way to measure the success of an advertising campaign than through a 1300 number? Be smart about how you choose to increase the presence of your company. Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of how their company operates. A 1300 number can be used as an extremely effective way of measuring specific marketing campaigns that your business is running. You can use different 1300 numbers on a variety of marketing campaigns / advertisements to see which one is most effective at capturing leads from your target audience. This makes our 1300 numbers an extremely cost effective way of measuring the ROI on elements of your marketing strategy. Improve the efficiency and growth of your business by simply thinking outside the box. Get ahead in today’s competitive environment and sign up with Virtual Office Melbourne for a 1300 number that is guaranteed to enhance the image of your company in addition to allowing you to understand the source of leads that are coming into your organisation. Thus allowing you to know where to focus future campaigns through effective measurement of the ROI on specific campaigns - enabled by your access to real time customer reporting of every call that comes into your business.


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Recruit customers in ways you never thought possible! Customers are more likely to remember a 1300 number and therefore will selectively choose to call your business first. Have your calls answered by one of our highly dedicated and friendly Australian based receptionists who have had years of customer service experience. Your calls can be transferred to you or a chosen staff member or a detailed message can be taken and immediately forwarded to you via email, text message or both. With our newest and advanced Android and iPhone Apps, you are now more connected to your clients than ever before. With a simple click of a button or swipe of a screen, you can instantly change your settings from ‘available’ to ‘in a meeting’ no matter where you are located in the world. This means that any prospects or clients who call your 1300 number have the perception that you are a successful company because of the professional nature of our receptionists, who answer and handle your telephone calls exactly the way you would!

Think big, pay small!

One of the best parts about our 1300 numbers is that customers are only paying for the cost of a local call, meaning that they will not be required to pay for any unwarranted costs. The cost for you of a 1300 with us at Melbourne Virtual Offices is a $25 once off set up fee and $20 per month to keep it, capped! So with Virtual Office Melbourne you do not pay any additional charges on your 1300 number aside from the $20 a month - apart from the cost of your calls depending on the Virtual Receptionist plan you choose which starts from as low as $20 a month. So you are only paying for what you really need, making it very cost effective.

We understand the high costs associated with running a business. This is why our 1300 numbers are an affordable option for a company of any size. Whether you are a tradesman looking to increase the reputation of your small business by never missing calls and sales opportunities or a large corporation wanting to assess the effectiveness of several national marketing campaigns, our flexible service is designed to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes and all budgets!

Sign up for a 1300 number today and within minutes your company calls can be answered promptly and professionally by one of our Australian based receptionists, with the additional benefit of having a reputable number that your clients will definitely not forget! Just like a Virtual Office, a 1300 number can increase the professional presence of your company. Enjoy a FREE 7 Day Trial on us to experience how our elite Virtual Receptionist service can add to the efficiency and professional presence of your company today. It takes just thirty seconds to complete the online form and we will be answering your calls. If you have a genuine need to have your calls answered and handled exactly the way you require we are very confident you will continue with our Live Answering Service after the free trial but there is no obligation to do so. So call or email us today with any questions or simply click one of the free trial / sign up icons on our site.

Why not combine a 1300 number with a prestigious Virtual Office Address in Melbourne?

Our first class Virtual Offices that are offered in Melbourne and other states within Australia (including Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth) create the image for your customers that your business is larger than what it is. Whether you are a medium size business operating in states aside from Victoria and wanting to dip your toe in the Melbourne market before committing to expensive office space or you require the flexibility of being able to work from home (i.e. if you are a sole entrepreneur), you are still able to promote the image of professionalism that your company desires to portray with a Virtual Office address located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. For a small cost, you are having a substantial effect on the growth and profitability of your business by maintaining a prestige image. If you choose to add a 1300 number on top of a Virtual Office address, along with our premium Answering Service you will further add to the professional presence you portray to your potential prospects and clients.

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