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First impressions count for everything in business and unfortunately having the right address can sometimes mean the difference between signing a deal and not signing.

Fortunately, you no longer need to sign a long lease and outlay a pile of cash to secure your prestige CBD address. Virtual Office Melbourne can offer you a premium virtual address in a first rate building in the centre of town.

Our Melbourne virtual offices are located at 440 Collins Street and 189 Queen Street. Other businesses located in close proximity to these locations include lawyers, accountants, bankers, financial planners and a variety of other professionals.

With the advent of cloud technology it is now easier than ever to work from wherever best suits you at the time. One day you could be working from your home office while the next you could be working out of your favourite cafe. When you have a virtual office address there are countless possibilities.

Virtual Offices in Melbourne

A virtual office address can provide you with a variety of benefits. Firstly, you get that first class address that you can include on your business cards, website, letterhead and Google + account. Any mail that is sent to this virtual address can be forwarded on to an address of your choice. Secondly, with our 440 Collins Street address we have a number of high tech meeting rooms that you can book and use for any face to face meetings that you need to have with your clients. Thirdly, our prestige addresses have shared work areas that you are able to make use of when you are at a loose end in the city.

Virtual Addresses - A Business Address But Virtual - Your Melbourne HQ

Virtual addresses make good sense. You really do get many of the tangible benefits that you would get from a physical office space however you are only paying a small fraction of the rental cost for your business address.

An Office Address With Meeting Rooms in Melbourne CBD

Just because your address is virtual doesn't mean that you can't meet in an office with your clients. Many of our virtual offices not only provide you with a business address but also have meeting rooms that are available to rent for a small fee. You can meet with your clients in an office that is located at your business address - Perfect!

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Telephone Answering Service With Your Virtual Office?

Answering the phone and responding to general queries can consume a huge part of your day. A study conducted in the US showed that managers are spending up to 25% of their time on basic administrative tasks including phone answering and responding to calls and queries.

There is a better way! With our outsourced call answering service you can have all or just some of your incoming calls answered by a professional Australian receptionist. We will answer the call with a custom greeting that has been chosen by you and can either transfer the calls to you or will email the messages to you. A professional virtual receptionist can also provide basic responses to some of those time consuming calls like, “what is your address”, “what is your fax number” or "where can I park?".

Unlike many of our competitors we won't lock you in to a long term contract. Many of our customers stay with us for several years and they do so because we provide them with 24/7 answering services at an exceptional level for a really affordable price. It makes really good business sense. We even let you test out our service for the first 7 days at absolutely no cost or obligation to you. What could be easier!

Contact us today to find out more about our Melbourne virtual offices or our outsourced receptionist services.

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Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistants can help you with all of those general admin and sales admin tasks that consume so much of your valuable time. Our charging is really straight forward and you only ever have to pay for what you use.

Think of how much more work you can get done by outsourcing some of those more basic tasks to us. You can spend your time focussing on earning money and building your client base rather than thinking about getting your sales admin work completed. Why not use our virtual assistants to survey your incoming calls from existing clients to find out what they like about your current operation and what they think can be improved. It could be a great way to fine tune your business and boost growth.

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1300 And Local Telephone Numbers

Need a local Melbourne phone number? No problem, we have local numbers that we can allocate you instantly. This is the unique phone number that we know your business by. If you are a start up business, simply advertise that number and we will be answering and handling your calls. If you are an established business like many of our 3,500 Australian clients, simply call forward your existing telephone number to the number we allocate you. It's that easy!

Quite often businesses looking for a particular service will prefer to deal with a company that has a local number rather than an interstate one. Here at VirtualOffice.Melbourne we can allocate you a local Victorian telephone number to use for your business within Melbourne. We can then forward that number to any other number that you provide us with. The whole thing works seamlessly.

If you require a national presence, we can issue you with a 1300 number or maybe you would prefer local numbers in other major Australian cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Adelaide. For a lot of businesses it makes good sense to get a local number in each of the cities that they operate in. The great thing is that with VirtualOffice.Melbourne the choice is entirely yours and the numbers can all be set up almost instantly.

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Virtual Office Address in Melbourne CBD

Nobody ever achieved massive growth in their business by simply doing the same old thing over and over again. If you want to take your business to the next level then you need to think outside of the box and do something different to the rest of them.

The internet and cloud technology has created some major opportunities for small businesses to leverage the cloud and grow their businesses by making use of other peoples skills and remote assets.

Virtual offices give you the opportunity to scale your business very quickly. With virtual offices you can take your business national without needing to travel interstate. You can have an address for your business in every capital city! By making use of our internet telephone numbers you can also have an interstate phone number linked to each address and have a live virtual receptionist taking any calls that come in to those numbers for your business. The whole set up costs a lot less than you probably think and will show your customers that you mean business.

Making use of one of Melbourne's finest virtual office services for an address for your business is a great way to free up the time you need to take your business forward. We all have to deal with a whole range of issues in a business day. What if you could push the minor issues off to someone else and just focus on the major ones? I bet you would start to see growth pretty quickly. Here at Virtual Office Melbourne we can help you grow your business by taking care of a lot of those minor issues. Why not give us a call on 1300 794 910 to find out how we can be of assistance to your business.

Virtual Offices in Melbourne

Looking for a Melbourne virtual office? We have a range of Melbourne virtual offices starting with suburban addresses that would be suitable for the budget conscious ranging up to A grade CBD office addresses. Whatever your office needs for your business, we will have an address to suit. Need an address with a meeting room? Have a chat to one of our friendly sales staff who can let you know which locations have meeting rooms available to rent. Meeting rooms can be rented by the hour for quite reasonable rates.

Virtual Address v/s Office Space

Traditionally for a startup, one of the biggest set up costs would be to rent an office. With regular office space you are up for a sizeable bond, a rent payment in advance, fees to get utilities connected to your offices plus a whole range more. If you are looking for a business address for your Melbourne business in the Melbourne CBD then you could also be up for a significant amount more. With a virtual address you only have to pay for the rental fee. You are then entitled to use that address on your marketing materials and use the address on your website without any additional cost.

Virtual Address v/s Serviced Office

With a serviced office you get the option that you can have your own private office whilst still having the benefit of shared facilities and the potential to use meeting rooms etc. A serviced office can make sense if your business generally operates from one specific area (probably not a virtual business) and your business has no need for the flexibility of a virtual office. Similar to a virtual office in Melbourne, with a serviced office in Melbourne you would still get the benefit of being able to use a great address for your business. Some serviced offices also have event spaces (for a fee), coworking spaces, networking events, a shared office, a day office plus some even have a business lounge and bar for tenants to use.

Meeting Rooms - Like Having Office Space

If you select a virtual office in one of our more prestigious business centres for your new business address then you will have the option of booking a meeting room to meet with your clients at a reasonable hourly rate. You can even book private offices on an adhoc basis (paid either hourly or daily). It really does make a virtual office look like a great idea for your new Melbourne business address.

The Future Of Business Is Virtual in Melbourne

We live in very interesting times. Businesses around the world are embracing the virtual concept and are more open to the concept of a global team and distributed teams. The gig economy is growing at a rapid rate and businesses are much more open to the concept of a mobile workforce and freelancing being a component of the modern workforce. Virtual offices Melbourne can play a huge role in this new workplace structure.

Benefits Of The Virtual Business Future

The virtual future creates some amazing benefits for businesses that embrace it. The opportunity to work as a digital nomad if you want, take a virtual meeting while sitting on a tropical beach! You really can work from anywhere and get a work life balance. Being able to have a more flexible work schedule, and to be able to make use of a home office. Taking advantage of remote learning and being able to take on remote opportunities like distance learning and remote internships. Get a prestigious address while working from whatever address you want.

Challenges Of The Virtual Future

As well as presenting us with some amazing benefits, the new virtual world presents us with some challenges that we need to overcome;

Remote Access - Employees will need to be accessing data from all over the world. Businesses will need to understand cloud computing services and will need to ensure that internet speed is adequate in each of the locations whether they are co-working spaces or work from home (WFH) locations.

Virtual Infrastructure -Businesses will need to think about data security and e-workspace areas for the decentralised workforce to interact. They will also need to utilse video call software and other cloud-based services and collaboration tools to assist with the remote work.

Employee Management -Remote employee management will create issues in itself, including providing remote training, providing remote support services, tracking remote productivity, getting virtual employee engagement and providing remote leadership. Some of this management can be achieved through digital meetings, remote employee monitoring services and time tracking software however you don't want your employees to feel that they are constantly being monitored.

Managing External Businesses -The number of external businesses that your business now has to deal with has skyrocketed. You will likely be outsourcing any number of tasks, you may have remote IT support, remote consulting, VOIP services, remote content creation, remote customer support to name a few. You will need to create specific strategies and policies to manage and develop these relationships.

All in all, the new virtual future will create massive change for the way businesses work. Some of the change will be a challenge whilst most will create massive opportunities. Using virtual offices for your business address are a component of this new business paradigm and can help you to move your business forward. A virtual office makes great financial and business sense for your Melbourne business. Get your prestige address today.

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