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When you launch a new website for your small business you need traffic. Everything on the internet is built on algorithms and getting leads from your website is no exception. You need to get a certain number of clicks to your site to then get a certain number of leads. For a non-ecommerce site the average conversion rate is around 6%, which means that for every 100 visitors to your site you should generate around 6 leads.



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So, how do I generate traffic.

When referring to traffic to your website you will generally hear people talking about organic and paid. Organic traffic is all of the traffic that you generate from non-paid means. This could be because you rank really well in the search results or because your Google places page ranks really well. It could also be because you have done some guest blogging on somebody else's site or a visitor sees a link to your site somewhere else and simply follows that link to your site.The other type of traffic that you can get to your website is paid or PPC traffic. PPC simply refers to pay per click and the majority of people would associate PPC with Google adwords.

Where do I get PPC?

When you ask most people about PPC they immediately think of Google Adwords. In Australia, Adwords accounts for around 90% of the search market so if you go with adwords then you are targeting the lions share of the market. Bing also have their own PPC platform which operates in much the same way as Google Adwords. Other alternatives to using Bing or Google would include Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. To a great extent you need to get in and test things out to find out which platform is the best for you and which one delivers the most customers. From our experience, different platforms will work better for different customers so, while Facebook may be perfect for one business it may work poorly for another.

How much does it cost and can I do it myself?

Cost will vary dramatically depending upon the platform that you are using, how competitive the keywords that you are targeting are and the position that you are aiming for. By position, I mean the ranking on the page. With Adowords, if you are targeting position number one then you could pay twice as much as the person who is happy with position 3 or 4. Some of the platforms may appear cheaper than the others however you need to look objectively at how well they perform. You may get a low cost per click from a platform but if your bounce rate is effectively twice as high then you could be paying twice as much for a converted customer. In relation to doing it yourself, if you are computer and internet savy then you could potentially do it yourself however the trade off will be the time that it takes you to get up to speed. By getting a professional to set your account up you will be able to get traction quicker.

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