What Is The Price Of A Virtual Office In Australia

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Virtual Address

A virtual office or virtual address as it is sometimes known is a mailing address that you can make use of without physically being located there. Generally with a virtual office you will get the use of the address which you can then use on your marketing materials and any mail that is received at the location will either be held for you to collect or will be forwarded to you for a nominal cost. With some virtual offices you also get the benefit of being able to book and use meeting room facilities on the premises.



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Where are the addresses and what do the prices?


In Melbourne we have 2 properties that we can offer you. The first is at 440 Collins St Melbourne 3000 and the other is at 189 Queen St Melbourne 3000. Both properties have meeting room facilities that can be booked and used to meet with your clients.Each of these properties can be secured from only $60 per month.

We can also offer addresses in 50 other locations throughout Australia so if you want to add a Sydney, Brisbane or Canberra address to your portfolio it is as simple as giving us a call or dropping us an email and we can put things in place. The great news is that all of our location prices start at just $60 per month.

So Why Should I Get Myself A Virtual Office?


Getting a virtual address makes a lot of business & financial sense. Here are some of the key reasons that we think that you should be signing up for one today.

  • Office space in Australia is really expensive. Not only do you have to spend big per square metre but you also need to spend on deposits, telephone systems and office furniture. With a mailing address you can get the benefits of a city based location without the cost.
  • They provide you with the flexibility to work wherever you want. If you feel like working from a cafe by the beach one day and then a chalet in the mountains the next then it is completely up to you.
  • Unfortunately image is everything in business and working out of a home office in the suburbs may not cut it with some customers. Having a CBD address could mean the difference between signing and not signing that deal.
  • The money that you save by not taking out that floor in the CBD could be better utilised to grow your business via advertising or marketing.
  • You don't need to stop at Melbourne, why not get your self a national presence or potentially an international presence.
  • We don't lock you in to any long term contracts and we don't charge you any bonds. You can cancel at any time.

When you make use of our telephone answering service you could actually be working from anywhere in the world. Our professional receptionists will answer your calls with your company name and custom greeting and will then forward your messages to you via either email or SMS. You could be on safari in Africa yet still responding to enquiries.

Would they be suitable for my business?


Virtual addresses have been popular with lawyers and accountants for many years. They are suitable for a broad range of other businesses including home based tradies, insurance brokers, start up businesses, consultants and freelancers.


What if I need to actually meet with my customer?

What better place to meet than at your Melbourne address. We have high tech meeting facilities available at very reasonable prices and your customers will love them.


Are you just Australia based?

We can recommend a huge range of locations around the world. Give our helpful sales staff a call on 1300 794 910 to find out more details.


How do I learn more?

We will be happy to help. Contact our helpful sales staff on 1300 794 910 to find out more.


You can get on with building your business while we take charge of answering your calls in a responsive and professional manner.

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