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Looking for a reliable call diversion service for your Melbourne business? Why not try out VirtualOffice.Melbourne. When you sign up for our telephone answering service you will be allocated a local telephone number that can be used by your business. You can either use this number as your main telephone number or simply have your current number forwarded to this number.

Any calls that are diverted to this number can be answered by our professional receptionists or you can potentially have those calls diverted to any other telephone number that you choose.

Call Diversion Rather Than An Automated Message

Customers don't like leaving messages on automated systems. By getting your calls diverted to one of our professional receptionists you can develop a better ongoing relationship with these customers and provide them with the type of service that they expect from your business.

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How It Works

Setting up our diversion service is really easy. Once you sign up for the service you will be allocated a telephone number for your business. You then simply divert your existing number to this new number. Once you have your diversion in place you simply agree a greeting that you would like us to use and we are ready to start answering.

What It Costs

We structure our pricing to work for a variety of businesses. Whether you are a small one man band or a large corporate employing hundreds of people we will have a package that is suitable for you. Our starter package costs $20 per month plus $2.75 per call. Many of our small business customers end up paying around $40 - $50 per month.

Where We Operate

VirtualOffice.Melbourne is a local Australian company that has offices in all Australian capital cities. If you are looking for a call diversion service in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra or Perth we can help you out. Once you sign up for an account with us you will be able to add these additional services yourself. It is really easy.

Australian Based Receptionists

Unlike many of our competitors we employ local Australian receptionists to answer our Australian customers calls. Our professional Australian receptionists are based all around Australia and answer your calls using state of the art cloud technology. They are so good at what they do that your customers will think that they are in your office.

Additional Services

As well as offering call diversion services and telephone answering services VirtualOffice.Melbourne have a range of other business services that we can offer our customers. We can offer local telephone numbers in all capital cities plus national 1300 numbers. We can provide virtual offices in all major cities plus virtual assistant services and

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