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Keeping new customers coming into your small business is vital. In fact, new customers are like oxygen to your SME's lungs. There's a lot of confusion about the best ways to add new customers to a small business and everyone seems to have an opinion. As a result there is always plenty of bad advice waiting to steer you in the wrong direction. The majority of new small business owners tend to neglect their marketing strategy or plans. There are many marketing approaches that small business marketers can consider and plan for. The following are marketing tips for your small business to consider if you have a minimal budget:

Start a website.

In case can hire someone you does to build one if you do not know how to do it. Mainly because every business that is existing today will surely benefit from having their own put on the website. Since many people are relying on the net to help them make their buying decisions, you may as well be there where your potential customers can certainly find you.

Should you use the cheapest marketing?

This is a common mistake I hear all the time. In fact, you should not look for the lowest priced advertising. What you want is the most effective advertising that at least breaks even, and even better puts money into your business on the first go round. The only measure of a good small business marketing promotion is whether or not it puts enough new customers into your store to at least pay for itself. Sometimes, a great piece will even make money on the first go. But remember, the money in new customers is their value over a period.

Build a customer database.

Every business will gain from a customer database. This is one of the ways that you can truly understand everything that you can from your customers, including the actual think about your business and what they would like to see more. You can create a database throughout your website or by requesting them outright if they might be willing to complete some forms.

Consider postcard marketing.

This may be quite outdated but still other small business owners make use of this method. Postcards are easier to read compared to those paper letters before that needed to be flipped over before the exact message may be absorbed. On the other hand, the e-mail blasts or what has known as e-mail marketing is cost effective basically because you don't need to pay for the courier. However, the e-mail needs to be direct to the point, brief, and concise. Don't bombard potential clients with too many e-mails or else they may think you are causing them spam. The latest trend of today is no other than the social networking sites. Twitter, Facebook, and the likes allow the small business marketing people to spread the word about their business for free. Since people are likely to follow them, then, the more opportunities will open up for them.


Podcasting is yet another valuable tool for online marketing small business. With your webcam, you may introduce your business and your goals to the potential clients. Just be sure that your podcast is short and easy to understand.

Focus on the conversion

This is another mistake that's very common. And I understand why it's made. After all, you've invested a lot of time and money in your business. So it only seems right that your marketing image should be foremost in your mind. The sole purpose of your marketing is to get a new customer. Plain and simple. And what works is being outrageous. Being fun. And grabbing attention, so you set yourself apart from your competition that is busy launching boring (me too) campaigns.

Be clear with your message.

Don't try to be cute or funny in your marketing. Instead, focus on giving your reader something that benefits them. Maybe that's a sample of what you sell or a one-time deal or even some free information to help your prospect make a decision. But no matter what, your advertising must deliver crystal clear benefits to your target audience.


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