Getting Toll Free Answering For Your Melbourne Business Makes Sense

As the owner of a start-up you are probably well aware that you are spending more than 70% of your valuable time addressing non-strategic time consuming issues. Things like working on your bookkeeping, sorting out the printer, going to collect the mail and of course answering the telephone. What if we told you that the opportunity exists to actually outsource many of these tasks and to give you back some of the time that you need to focus on some of your key strategic business issues.

Well it does, with the development of the internet and cloud computing services there are now a whole range of tasks that can be outsourced to people working remotely. You are probably already aware of the way the bookkeeping world has developed with suppliers like Xero and MYOB creating really effective cloud accounting services, you can also outsource your SEO and marketing services to an external marketing agency. A big one however is that you can offload a significant portion of that non productive time by getting a toll free answering service for your Melbourne start-up.

What exactly is a toll free number?

You would probably know them as 1300 or 1800 numbers. 1300 and 1800 numbers operate in much the same way in that a customer dials the number and then the telecoms provider will divert that call to a call that you have nominated. The key difference between the 2 is the cost that the caller then has to wear. With a 1300 number the caller will pay the cost of a local call while with a 1800 number the caller will get the call for free. Research that has been conducted into caller habits has shown that the majority of callers do not really care if a number is 1300 or 1800 so it probably makes sense for small business owners to head down the 1300 route as opposed to the 1800.

How does this work with an answering service?

The way it works is that instead of diverting the incoming call to a telephone number that you control we divert the call to the VirtualOffice.Melbourne answering service. We then get a professional trained receptionist to take that call and deliver the message to you. Think of the time this will save you in deflecting all of those annoying telemarketing and scam telephone calls.

Do I need to send all of my calls to the answering service?

Not at all, send as many or as few as you want. Some customers have us answer all of their calls while others simply use us for overflow. Other customers again simply use us when their in-house receptionist is at lunch or they have taken their annual leave. It is totally up to you.

What will it end up costing me?

It all depends on how much you use us. If you want to replace your inhouse receptionist with our service then you will probably end up saving around 40% of their cost. If you simply use us for your overflow calls then you would probably end up spending less. The average toll free answering service customer with Virtual Office Melbourne spends around $120 per month.

Like what you hear> Want to find out more about getting yourself a toll free answering service and winning back all of that time? Then you should have a chat to one of our experienced customer care staff members now on 1300 72 10 73 and we can sign you up for that free seven day trial. It really will make a great difference to your business.

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