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The internet has opened up a huge number of possibilities when it comes to business. Gone are the days of having to buy physical servers and NAS systems. Computing power has gone virtual! Gone also are the days of needing to take physical backups of your data and having to keep multiple copies in different locations. The internet allows you to do your backups virtually and gives you almost limitless capacity.



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A Virtual Answering Service Makes Sense


It's not just computer power and backup services that have been transformed with the development of the internet. The virtual world has enabled answering services to transform into a flexible, versatile business focussed solution. The modern answering service lets you interact with it from wherever you want to be while your calls are being answered by experienced telephonists who could be located anywhere in the country.

The customer interface for VirtualOffice.Melbourne can be accessed from any platform. You could access it via PC or laptop when you are in the office, while on the way home you could be accessing it on you iphone or android device using our easy to use app. When you get home you could choose to access it via your tablet. It is really flexible and has been built with you the customer in mind.

The receptionist who answers your incoming local or toll free calls could be anywhere in Australia. We have built our virtual service so that our receptionist staff can be located virtually anywhere. All of our reception staff are employed here in Australia however by employing telephonists who work from home we are able to save a lot of money on office costs. These savings are then passed on to you, our customers in the form of cost effective rates and plans. It's definitely a Win/Win.

Our systems have been written by Australians for Australian businesses. We have been involved in the telephone answering industry for more than a decade so we understand what businesses want and what they don't want. We have tailored our system to give you the bells and whistles that you want without all of the complications. Our systems are really intuitive to use so you should work out how to use them in just a matter of minutes.

We are really very good at what we do. Don't just take our word for it. We have more than 3,500 customers here in Australia and we are adding more and more every month. Our customers aren't locked in to any complicated contracts, they could cancel at any time that they want. The reason they stick with us is that we provide an exceptional level of service and we make their business look good.

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