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If You Have a Virtual Office You'll Need a Virtual Reception too

Congratulations. You’ve made that wise decision to subscribe to a Melbourne virtual office address. You’ve joined millions of businesses across the world. Welcome. Virtual business services are helping to shape the future of commerce.

Maybe you didn’t want to spend all that money every month just for an average office space in an average location. Few business owners can afford to rent office space at the site they really want - but they can be exactly on target with a virtual office.

With your Melbourne virtual office rental at a highly respected business address you’ve achieved a status, a presence, a business image that your clients will approve and endorse. You can now manage your business from anywhere in the world and be sure that your virtual office address is also managing expectations.

But there is one thing missing. Who answers the phone?

Don’t bother trying to answer all the phone calls to your business yourself. And don’t think that listening to the voicemails in the evening for calls you missed during the day is good call management. It isn’t. It’s a recipe for business failure. Get out of your way. Get a professional to answer all your business calls.

A virtual office and a virtual receptionist are twins. They fit together.

A local Australian virtual receptionist service for your Melbourne virtual office.

Your Melbourne call answering team will only interrupt you with the types of calls you want to answer – the phone calls that really matter. Just instruct us. Tell us all about your business services and products. Choose the greeting you want us to use when we welcome callers to your business. Just like you decided on your virtual office and organised it the way you wanted – set-up your virtual reception too. Our local virtual receptionist service is so professional all your customers will simply think they’re talking to a receptionist in your office foyer.

Use your Melbourne telephone answering team to filter, use them to promptly answer each and every call, use their friendly voice with just the right tone to market your brand image – just the way your virtual office address projects an image to your clients.

We can have your virtual receptionist service in place, same day. Experience the convenience of call management by professionals - and only receive the business calls that really matter.

A Virtual Office and a Virtual Reception. Welcome to the new normal. Talk to us today.

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