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Answering services, divert services and paging services have been around for quite some time however before the development of the internet and cloud technology they were somewhat clunky in the way that they worked. With the introduction of new cloud technology services like those offered by VirtualOffice.Melbourne Virtual Receptionist Services are now a high end service that integrates easily into your business processes.



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Not all answering services are the same. When choosing an answering service that you want to work with you need to be sure that you will be happy having the receptionists from that particular service representing your company. Will they answer the calls within a reasonable time frame, will they greet your customers with a professional message, will the customers be able to understand the receptionist and will they get that all important message to you within a reasonable time frame. At the end of the day there are a lot of important questions to be answered other than how much do you charge per call.

Here at VirtualOffice.Melbourne we aim to answer your call within 6 rings and we achieve this in more than 90% of calls. When your incoming call is answered our professional receptionists will greet your customers with a greeting that has been agreed with you. The greeting is not fixed in stone, you can change it as often as you like. You may want to have a different greeting when it is Christmas or during busy periods. You are totally in control.

The receptionists that we employ at VirtualOffice.Melbourne are local Australian receptionists. It is certainly cheaper to employ overseas workers working out of offshore call centres however we don't believe that it would give the impression that you want to make with your business. Your receptionist is the gate keeper for your business and that first impression is extremely important. We want your customers to feel like our receptionist is actually a member of your team.

The process works really well. Once you sign up you are given a telephone number to use for your business. You then divert your incoming calls to this number. You may decide to divert calls immediately or you may divert after a set number of rings. It's all under your control. Once the calls do arrive, our professional receptionists will greet your callers with a greeting that you have specified. After the call our receptionists will forward that message to you via email. Within minutes you will know who was calling and what they wanted.

All of this at a reasonable price. Our packages start at just $20 per month and the average small business customer would spend around $50. Not a high price for peace of mind! The most common statement from our customers would have to be "I wish that I knew about this earlier!". Not a bad testimonial for our business.

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