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One of the tasks that you need to get your head around as a small business owner is to determine which tasks you need to do yourself and which tasks can be outsourced to other businesses. By outsourcing some of the more mundane and time consuming staff you can give yourself more time to be able to focus on the key money making tasks.



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One of the easiest tasks to outsource from your small business is your telephone answering. Using a good call answering service will not only give you back all of that time, it will also give you the peace of mind that your customers are being treated professionally and courteously. Given that you probably spend around 15% of your time attending to time consuming incoming telephone calls, employing a good outsourced receptionist service should give your company a genuine boost. It will allow you to get back to strategy and to look at the key drivers that make you money and to focus on those drivers.

How does it work?

It really is quite straight forward to set up. Firstly, you need to sign up for a free 7 day trial of our service. You can either sign up for the trial using our signup form or you can call one of our sales professionals on 1300 794 910 and we can do it all over the phone. Once you have you trial in place then we will allocate you a local telephone number. This number can either be used as your main number or you can divert your incoming calls to the number. It is all up to you. Once you have your number then you need to organise the greeting that you want used when we answer your calls. This greeting can be changed at any time that you want using our easy to use admin login, using our app or ringing our sales support staff. Once your greeting is set up then you simply divert your number to the number that we have allocated you and we are ready to start answering your calls. At this point you can either divert your calls directly to us and we will answer all of your calls or you can divert your calls after a specific number of rings. Again, it is totally under your control.

How much does it cost?

The way that our pricing works is that you sign up for packages. With our basic package you pay a monthly retainer plus $2.80 per call. We find that this package works well for micro businesses. Our other packages include a set number of calls and then a cost per call after you have used all of those calls. We find that this approach to pricing works much better or businesses as they want to have a reasonable idea of what they will be paying each month. In terms of actual amount that you will be paying, we find that the average small business ends up paying around $60 per month. Not bad given the peace of mind that you receive!

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