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It doesn't make sense to be doing everything

As a small business owner you probably have an abundance of dreams in terms of what you can potentially do with your business and where you can take it in the future. The problem is, that like 95% of other small business owners you never really get the time to actually action those plans and you never get to see what you could potentially achieve. Also, like many small business owners out there you probably under value what your time is worth and consequently you try to do everything rather than focusing on what you are good at.

When you sit down and define all of the tasks that you have to do to make your business work you need to look at the core tasks and the non-core tasks. Core tasks will vary from business to business however they may include things like sales, consulting, corresponding with clients, marketing strategy, business strategy etc. Non-core tasks are all of those other tasks that don't fit into the core bucket. Non-core could include answering your phones, doing your bookkeeping, maintaining your databases, cleaning your offices plus a whole load more. Your non-core tasks are the ones that you should look at outsourcing as it is quite likely that the cost of doing them in-house (ie, your charge out rate) is significantly higher than getting an outsource company to do them.



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What types of roles can I outsource?

It will depend on the type of business that you are in however there are some areas that are relatively straightforward to outsource. These would include bookkeeping, accounting, telephone answering and some marketing services like social media monitoring, email blasts to customers etc.

Does it make sense if you are tight for cash?

It probably makes just as much sense for a small business that is tight for cash than one that is financially secure. Think about it, if you are spending 3 hours working on your bookkeeping every week and a skilled bookkeeper can do that work in 1 hour then you need to compare what you would charge your clients for 3 hours of your time versus what it would cost for that one hour of a bookkeepers time. It's a pretty easy comparison for most businesses.

How about telephone answering

The great thing about telephone answering services like ours is that we only charge you for what you use. With our packages you get a set number of calls per month included and pay on a per call basis after that. What this means is that you don't pay much if you are not using us much and you pay a very reasonable amount if you need to use us at a moderate level. When you compare our monthly bill to the time that you would have lost answering all of those calls (and the money that you could have made) then telephone answering makes great sense.

But I don't want to lose control!

This is why you should focus on the non-core aspects of your business and not try to outsource the core aspects. When you outsource your non-core tasks like bookkeeping or telephone answering to professional firms you still have a great deal of control over that process without having to spend so much time doing it.

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