Give your new business a boost with a Melbourne virtual office

First impressions count in business. Potential customers will judge your company on the basis of where you are located. If you have an address in a prestigious Melbourne CBD building then it is going to make a great first impression. In addition, setting up a physical office for a new business can be an expensive exercise. Money that could be spent on developing marketing collateral or advertising your new business needs to be spent on bonds, deposits, furniture and a whole range of items. A virtual office gives you the ability to hit the ground running and minimise your expenditure.

A virtual office is a mailing address in a prestige CBD building. You can use this address as the mailing address for your business as well as the address that you show on your website, business cards and letterhead. Any mail that is received at that address can be forwarded to you at a location of your choice.

Getting a virtual office makes good business sense. Not only is it really cost effective but it is also a really flexible way to grow your fledgling business.

Perfect Locations

Our Melbourne CBD virtual offices are located at 440 Collins Street and 189 Queen Street. Both buildings are prestigious city buildings that also house professional accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, bankers and a range of professional service providers.

Get Many Of The Benefits Of A Premium Address For A Fraction Of The Cost

Virtual Receptionist Service

Why not get a professional Australia based virtual receptionist to answer your incoming calls. We will take your calls based on your specific instructions. We can even provide an after hours answering service if necessary. Register today and you will get a no obligation seven day FREE trial so that you can fine tune our service.

Meet Your Clients In Our Meeting Rooms

Our 440 Collins Street Melbourne building has meeting rooms that are available to be hired if you need to meet with clients. These meeting rooms are high tech in that they have internet facilities, projectors and AV systems. Our meeting rooms can be hired either on an hourly basis or on a daily basis. You can also organise to use shared work spaces if you find yourself in the city with time to kill.

Mail and Courier Management

Our professional receptionists can receive your mail and courier packages at your mailing address. We then notify you that they have arrived and you can then either arrange to come in and pick them up or we can organise to have them forwarded to you anywhere in the world. Our reception becomes your Cloud Mail Centre for prompt and secure handling of all your important mail and courier items.

Local Telephone Numbers For Your Business

We have a great stock of local Melbourne telephone numbers that we can set you up with instantly. If you like you could use this number as your main business number. We also have a range of numbers for other capital cities including Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. If you'd like a national number for your business then we can also set you up with a 1300 number, instantly!

Take Your Business National

We have virtual offices in all major cities within Australia. Why not take your new business national by getting an address in each of the capital cities. We can also provide you with 1300 numbers and local telephone numbers for Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart so it is easier than ever to get that truly national look.

Grow Your Business With A Melbourne Virtual Office

Have the flexibility to work wherever you want whenever you want. No more worrying about bonds, security deposits, office furniture and fittings. With a Melbourne Virtual Office you can focus your spending on areas that will help grow your business rather than having money tied up in bonds or deposits.

Getting started is easy. It really only takes a few minutes to get yourself set up with a prestige Melbourne address. You can either fill out our contact form on the website, send us an email, or call us on 1300 794 910.

NO Long Term Contracts

It's a really affordable service!

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