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These days you need to watch every cost to ensure that your business performs as well as it possibly can. Watching the costs however does not necessarily mean that you sacrifice quality. With a professional telephone answering service from VirtualOffice.Melbourne you will receive an exceptional service for a really affordable cost.



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We believe in flexibility and the fact that there rarely is one size that fits all. What this means is that if you are a small one man band then we have a package that is suitable for your situation while if you are a 100 plus organisation then it is likely that a completely different package will suit you. For the one man band we have a $20 per month package where you pay an additional $2.75 per call. This package is great if you just really want the service as insurance and you expect to be able to get to the phone most of the time. With the 1000 call plan you can effectively replace your physical receptionist with a virtual one. It makes a lot of financial and business sense.

Affordable Quality To Manage Your Reception.

Just because you are getting a great receptionist service for a very affordable price does not mean that you are compromising on quality. Our systems are second to none in Australia and extremely flexible. They have been developed by Australian experts for Australian conditions. Our receptionists are local Australian professionals who have been trained to work in Australian business conditions. Our professional receptionists work to strict KPI's in relation to the answering of your calls and how they deal wit those calls after they are answered. The whole system really does work like clockwork and you the customer are they big winner.

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Our professional assistants could be answering your calls in as little as 10 minutes time. Once you sign up for a 7 day trial we will allocate you with a telephone number to use. You can then utilise this number as your main business number or you can simply divert your existing number to this number. After getting your new telephone number we need to agree the greeting that we will use when your callers ring in. This greeting can be whatever you want and you are welcome to change your greeting whenever you want. The final piece in the puzzle is to let us know what you would like us to do with your messages once we have them. Your options here are for us to either email you the messages or SMS them to you. What could be easier! You are then ready to go.

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