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The Virtual world is one that is expanding exponentially. Our array of premium Virtual Services allows you to increase workforce productivity while cutting down on unnecessary costs associated with running a business of any size. If you are currently a proud owner of one of our Australian prestigious Virtual Mail Address’s then why not consider complimenting this service with our Live Telephone Answering package. With no set up fees, long term contracts and a free 7 day trial, there is every reason to find out more about how you can further increase the professional image of your business.



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We understand that customer service is essential to any company wanting to compete successfully in today’s market. Every call of yours is answered promptly and professionally in your company name by one of our Australian based receptionists. Calls can be immediately transferred to you or a staff member so you never miss an important call again! If you are unavailable then a detailed message can be taken and forwarded to you promptly via email, text message or both.

Another feature that our company provides is the simple, easy to use iPhone and Android Apps that enables you to change your settings and level of availability from the quick touch of a button. You can be anywhere in Australia or even travelling the world and changes will be made instantly to the way we handle your calls. It doesn’t get much better than that. You are in control, always.

By letting us become a seamless part of your team, you will notice a great increase in company productivity as we handle your business calls. With our highly advanced Telephone Answering systems and the highly skilled nature of each Australian receptionist, we guarantee that every call will be answered within just a few rings, giving your clients the first class overflow customer service experience they deserve. By letting us handle your calls, you will have more time to work on your business instead of in it, enabling you to put more time and effort into growing your company and increasing sales. We pride ourselves in working with companies like yours to give them the competitive edge they deserve by providing them with the best Virtual Answering Service on the market.

By outsourcing your receptionist, you will immediately notice the weight lifted off your shoulders as you no longer have to worry about organising someone to answer your company calls during lunch breaks, sick leave or during holidays.

No matter where you are based in Australia, whether it’s in a major city such as Sydney or Melbourne or a more rural area, we provide packages to suit the exact requirements of your company. For a fraction of the price of hiring your own receptionist, it is easy to see why our 4,000+ Live Answering clients are continually impressed by the exceptional quality they are receiving for such a minimal cost.

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