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Staff costs can really add up. If you want to employ your own receptionist for your Melbourne business then you will probably need to pay around $50k per year. On top of this you will need to pay all of those additional on costs such as holiday pay, superannuation, sick leave and workers compensation insurance. Then there are all of the indirect costs like a work station, a telephone, internet connection etc etc.



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Virtual can make financial sense

Rather than employing a physical receptionist why not consider a virtual one from a service like VirtualOffice.Melbourne. It really can make good financial sense with some of our customers reporting that they save up to 60% of the cost of having a physical staff member. Also, unlike a physical staff member, if your virtual receptionist is off sick then they are immediately replaced by an equally qualified professional. Think of all those times when your receptionist is off sick and you have to hunt around for someone to take care of reception for the day. When you use our services you will be able to get on with business rather than juggling staff.

Local staff for local businesses

Here at VirtualOffice.Melbourne we believe that it is important to have local Australian staff answering calls for local Australian businesses. Many of our competitors try to save money by off shoring their call answering to low cost countries like the Philippines and India. While this may save some money for the telephone answering service we don't believe that it adds to the image of the business who's calls are being answered. VirtualOffice.Melbourne is committed to providing a first class level of service to our customers and consequently have a lot of happy customers who stay with us for a long period of time.

It's really easy to get started

If you would like to test out our service you can either sign up online or you can ring one of our friendly customer service reps. For new customers we will let you try out our service for the first 7 days at absolutely no cost or obligation to you. Once you have signed up we will allocate you a local telephone number. This is a number that you can either use as your business number or you can simply divert calls to this number. You don't have to divert all of your calls to us if you don't want to, you can simply divert your overflow. When we do answer your calls, we will greet your incoming callers with a pre-agreed greeting and either take a message for you or divert the call to another number. You can change your greeting at any time that you want and either receive your messages by email or SMS.

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