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Modern technology and the internet have come a long way in the last decade. No longer do you need to be shackled to an expensive office in an expensive location that you rarely visit and is only really there for show. Nowadays you can still have the expensive address, however you only have to outlay around 3% of the cost. And to top it off, by making use of the cloud you can still get many of the other benefits of that physical office.



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Lots of upside with no major outlay

When you sign up for a physical office you are signing up for a major drain on your cash. Firstly you will have to pay a bond on the property itself. This bond could be anywhere from 3 months rent to 6 months rent depending on the lease that you sign. After that you will need to pay bonds for utilities etc. The cash outflows don't stop there, you will need to purchase office furniture that goes with the image that your are trying to realise and you will probably need to organise a cleaner and a security company. This expenditure is all before you actually physically launch your business and start trying to market the business.

What is a cloud virtual office?

A cloud virtual office is an address in an A grade business centre in the CBD. You can use this address in a variety of ways, it can be used as your mailing address, it can be used on your marketing materials, it can be used on your business cards and it can be used on your website. You can have items delivered to the address by courier and with a number of our addresses you can actually organise to meet with your clients in a meeting room within our business centre (for a small fee). Your cloud virtual office therefore provides you with many of the benefits that you would get from your own physical space however it is at a greatly reduced cost.

Add a cloud receptionist to be truly virtual

Why not take your business totally virtual by adding a cloud receptionist to the mix. A cloud or virtual receptionist can answer all of your incoming calls and deal with them according to your instructions. How many times during the day do you get people ringing up with very basic questions like what is your address, or what is the company fax number. With a virtual receptionist answering your calls you can forget about these annoying and distracting calls and focus on what is important to your business. A cloud reception service will cost you only a fraction of the cost of a physical staff member and it is just another way for you to get back the time that you need to build an effective business.

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