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With the advent of the internet there is a lot of talk about cloud services and how you can make your business more efficient and save tons of money by having virtual staff members. One of the first areas that went virtual was in the area of personal assistants.



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So who are they?

A virtual assistant or a VA is an employee or a contractor who works remotely. All of the tools and software that they need for their job would be accesses via the internet (sometimes referred to as the cloud) and they would interact with you via electronic means. The VA could either be located in Australia or they could be located offshore. Similarly, depending on the technology at their disposal they could be working out of a remote call centre with many other VA's or they could be working from home and using their own home broadband connection. Some VA's work for themselves, outsourcing their services while others work for companies like VirtualOffice.Melbourne.

What can they do?

A VA can perform a broad range of functions, obviously you can't get them to do the filing or any other physical tasks around the office however you can get them to do a broad variety of electronic tasks or tasks that relate to interacting with your customers. You may use your VA to take all of your incoming telephone calls and interact with the callers, ie, you might have a marketing campaign going on and a lot of people are ringing in to find out the sizes, colours or specifications of your product. Your VA could be briefed with this information and could act as the gatekeeper for these calls. Other tasks that your VA could perform would include carrying out customer questionnaires, maintaining sales spreadsheeets, producing reports and a whole variety of duties.

How can I benefit?

There are lots of benefits, firstly you can achieve some great cost savings by having a virtual staff member as opposed to a permanent one. With a virtual assistant from VirtualOffices.Melbourne you pay by the minute for the work that you get done. You don't need to worry about holiday pay, superannuation, sick leave or lunch hours, you simply pay for what you use. Another great benefit is the flexibility of what you can get done, with a permanent employee you always need to find things for them to do. With a VA they can be very project based. Finally, a big one is the scalability factor. If you have a big marketing campaign launching and you need many hands on deck to answer queries etc then with VA's you can do that. Absolute flexibility, competent staff who are there when you need them and not there when you don't.

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