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Answering services for architects in Australia

Architects need a professional telephone answering service to ensure that they can stay in touch with their clients and potential clients. It is a necessity for all architects in Australia to keep in touch with developers, business clients, residential clients, real estate agents and new customers.

Whether it involves preparing plans for new commercial sites or for a custom-made home it is essential for an architect to stay in touch with a whole range of individuals. As a result an architect needs to think carefully about how they will handle their incoming telephone calls. With these calls in mind, a live telephone answering service from VirtualOffice.Melbourne could be the solution that you need for your architecture business. In particular, the VirtualOffice.Melbourne receptionist service can be set up with just a few simple processes which literally take just a few minutes.



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How do I receive my messages

By using our answering service, your calls will be diverted to one of our professional receptionists and answered with a personalised greeting. The calls will be answered in your company’s name with a greeting that you have specified. You then have the option to change this message at any time that you want.

Take your office with you

You can have your telephone answered and get your messages forwarded to you no matter where you are. For instance, you might be on site at a building that you’re developing. Our answering service can take your incoming calls and send you your messages within minutes of the call being taken. Regardless of where you are physically sitting. This gives you ultimate flexibility in terms of how you run your business.

It makes good financial and business sense

Our live telephone answering service will help you save money on your reception needs. Think of all of the costs involved in employing a full time receptionist for your architecture practice. Not only do you have to pay a fixed salary each month but you are also up for on-costs, rent and internet plus all of those added costs like sick leave holiday pay and long service leave. By outsourcing your service to VirtualOffice.Melbourne you can save up to 40 percent of of the total salary cost of hiring that in-house receptionist.

A professional practice needs a professional service

Image is everything in business. The last thing a professional firm of architects needs is a sloppy receptionist service taking their calls. Here at VirtualOffice.Melbourne we work with a large number of lawyers, accountants, architects and a whole range of professional businesses. Our receptionists take pride in making your business look great and in delivering a top quality level of service to your clients.

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